Shared by CROWD: The Poets’ Sounds

Probably coming to a city near you in the following months, The Poets‘ Sounds emerges from the boundary between literary language and New Music – an aesthetic realm which has hardly been explored until now. In cooperation with the Cologne-based speech art trio sprechbohrer,the Literature House Lettrétage was able to commission six international authors in order to explore this intersection.

(c) Sina Lynn Sachse

The event series kicks off on June 11th in Berlin and will travel all the way to Limassol! Read more about the festival, participants and the dates on the website or the program flyer.

Shared by CROWD: The Virtual-Reality-App B.A.U.

In B.A.U. you enter uncharted artistic territory in the company of five artists from Germany and Russia. Using cardboard VR goggles your smartphone can be transformed into a gate to virtual reality, where you can move through five spaces, filled with animated deities, giant Lenin heads and spherical sounds, as well as interact with artistic objects created especially for this app. B.A.U. isn’t a virtual exhibition – as a user you dive into artistic worlds. B.A.U. also doesn’t try to simply translate literary and cultural mediation from analogue to digital. It specifically uses the possibilities of new media to open up a new field of experimentation.

At the initiative of the Goethe-Institute Novosibirsk and the Berlin house of literature Lettrétage three Berlin artists – Mara Genschel, Katia Sophia Ditzler and Tomomi Adachi – together with two Novosibirsk artists – Alexey Grishchenko and Evgenii Gavrilov – posed the question: How can international artistic co-operation look like in times of digitalization and a global pandemic? B.A.U. resulted as the answer, a virtual reality app that not only presents digital art but was also formed because of a digital co-operation. Without meeting one single time in person the five participants created five spaces, where they integrated the work of their partners, created for this occasion, adapted it and finally transformed it to a collaborative artistic synthesis.

Or to put it short:

B.A.U. is a virtual world.

B.A.U. is digital literature that doesn’t try to copy its analogue alternative.

B.A.U. is digital art, without wanting to be a digital exhibition.

B.A.U. opens spaces.

We are very proud to have been able to cooperate in this pioneering project in the area of digital literature and literary mediation.

B.A.U. can be downloaded for free from all relevant app stores:

Google Play

Apple App Store

There’s not much you need to use B.A.U. – a pair of simple cardboard VR goggles (can be purchased in stores starting from around 6 Euro) and a smartphone. Start the app, put on headphones, position the phone inside the goggles and you’re set.

4th international Poetry Slam Cyprus 2021

4th international Poetry Slam Cyprus 2021,

οrganised online, on Sunday 24 January 2021

by Ideogramma,

one of the original partners of CROWD

Some awesome numbers!!!

27,503             people reached (unique)

3, 028              views (of the live event)

Argyris Loizou, was declared the 2021 Cyprus National Slam Championship in a competition with 14 contestants, and

Filip Koryta, from the Czech Republic was declared the Winner of the 4th Poetry Slam Cyprus 2021

in a competition with 12 contestants; six invited slammers and six finalists from Part A

The videos to carry the following titles

Argyris Loizou, 2021 Cyprus National Slam Champion


Filip Koryta (Czech Rep), Winner of the 4th Poetry Slam Cyprus, 2021


Birds of the same feather…

Dear CROWDies, we’re at it again! Planning for the future and trying to find new ways of co-operation and dissemination. If you happen to be in Graz at the beginning of November, we will be presenting out thoughts and possibilities on living and working together across borders!

The international workshop „CROWD_topia Gathering“ brings together authors and literature organisers from the independent literature community CROWD, which was founded by several international partner organisations in 2013.

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Open call: Villa Sarkia residence, Finland

Villa Sarkia is a residence located in the centre of Sysmä for writers and translators regardless to language or genre. Nuoren Voiman Liitto operates the residency application process whereas the county of Sysmä looks over the maintenance of Villa Sarkia. The residence is primarily intended for under 40 year old.

You can apply for the Villa Sarkia residence place for 1-3 months. The living is free for the selected residents. The residents are expected to participate in one event organized in Finland during their stay. The residents’ personal expenses, such as travel costs, are not covered.

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Open call »Poetic chapbook in the digital age«

Lettrétage – das Literaturhaus in Berlin Kreuzberg invites poets to display their print and digital chapbooks! Poetic chapbooks will be presented at an exhibition held in Berlin, which will be accompanied by a public multilingual reading on January 24th 2019.

Have you come up with interesting, creative ways for sharing your poetry? Do you share your poems in the form of a leaflet, booklet, postcard, sticker or other DIY form? Are you more into the digital world and have set up an online portfolio, poetic Instagram channel or something else? These creations represent different variations of poetic chapbooks that we would love to display together with your poetry. So, how do you share your poetry? Share it with us!

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Save the Date 17.10. – 21.10. for SYN_ENERGY, Greek-German Readings and Literature Symposium in Berlin

Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious festival that brought together literary activists from far and wide… Between the 17th and 21st of October Lettrétage from Berlin together with Michaela Prinzinger invite to readings, discussions and exchange between Greek and German authors and the broader public.

A poem by Jazra Khaleed, translation by Michaela Prinzinger, video by A.A. Fokurov. Available in print in manuskripte 217, 2017.17

Kicking off with a long reading night from 7 – 11 p.m. at Heimathafen Neukölln the public will get a chance to sample the literature of all the authors, divided on two stages. Invoking the tradition of old rhapsodes you will have the chance to give yourself over to stories, poetic, dramatic and epic, together with fragments of music, and be taken on a odyssey from Berlin to Greece and back again.

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Shared by CROWD: Nazis&Goldmund at Forum STADTPARK

On Saturday, 28.04 @ 18.00 in the Main Hall, Salon, Free entrance!

Poetry against the right!


Nazis & Goldmund sees itself as a poetological monstrosity with many heads. It critically observes the development and actions of Europe’s right-movements and their international alliances, as well as examines and attacks their narrative and intervention strategies. Since 2016 the Berlin and Vienna collective has been scratching away layer by layer of the gold-plated expressions of the new right-movement. Continue reading Shared by CROWD: Nazis&Goldmund at Forum STADTPARK

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