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conference on digital literary production, reception and dissemination

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The two-day conference hosted by CROWD  took place in Berlin, 6th and 7th of February 2016, at the Lettrétage.

Jürgen Neumann (DeepaMehta, Germany)
Peter Dietze (KOOKread, randnummer, Germany)
Aleksandra Małecka (Ha!Art, Poland)
Nikola Richter (mikrotext, Germany)
Tobias Koch (Ars Baltica, Estonia)
Elena Schmitz (Literature Wales, appearing with support of the British Council in partnership with Writers’ Centre Norwich, UK as part of the International Literature Showcase)
Laura Serkosalo (Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Finland)
Nora Hadjisotiriou (IDEOGRAMMA, Cyprus)
Max Höfler (Forum Stadtpark, Austria)
Rasmus Vuori (Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University, Finland)

 Via videopresentation
Jörg Piringer (Programmer, Schriftsteller, Austria)
Jazra Khaleed (Projekt “Poetry is just words in the wrong order”, Greece)
Mark Marino (Member of Electronic Literature Organisation, USA)
Mika Tuomola – in collaboration with Rasmus Vuori (APP Antikythera, Finland)
Hannes Bajohr (Herausgeber von “Code und Konzept”, Germany/USA)

Andreas Bülhoff (Poet and text-editor for ‘Der Greif’, Germany)

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Find the German press release here!

Provisional conference schedule (may be subject to changes)

DAY 1 –  Saturday, 6th of February 2016

10:00 Start of Conference
Official Welcome (Katharina Deloglu/Tom Bresemann, Lettrétage)

10:15 Tobias Koch: Ars Baltica
10:45 Jazra Khaleed: Poetry is just words in the wrong order
11:15 Nikola Richter: mikrotext
11:45 Malte Abraham: Kabeljau & Dorsch E-Anthology

12:15 Coffee break

12:30 Peter Dietze: KOOK Cloudpoesie
13:00 Max Höfler: Glory Hole

13:30-15:00  LUNCH BREAK

15:00 Jörg Piringer: Publishing Apps
15:30 Hannes Bajohr: What is digital literature?
16:00 Rasmus Vuori & Mika Tuomola: Antikythera Poetry App
16:30 Mark Marino: ELO & Social Media Fiction Projects
17:00 Aleksandra Małecka: King Ubu – The automatic translation

17:30 approx. end conference day 1

Evening event: Textpresentations by Malte Abraham (Kabeljau & Dorsch) and Videoscreenings of the discussed projects


DAY 2 – Sunday, 7th of February 2016

10:00 How do we organize digital literature events and projects?
Elena Schmitz, Literature Wales, UK.
Laura Serkosalo, Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Finland
Nora Hadjisotiriou, IDEOGRAMMA, Cyprus
Katharina Deloglu & Tom Bresemann, Lettrétage, Berlin

13:00-15:00 LUNCH BREAK

15:00 Jürgen Neumann, DeepaMehta Networking Software: Presentation & Discussion & Trial & Error

Closing discussion

17:00 approx. end of the conference

The conference’s focus was to present and discuss new ways of literary production, reception and dissemination with the help of digital means:

New ways of writing and reading literature
How can digital tools be used for the development of new approaches to production? How can writers play an active part in shaping this digital shift? Do digital tools change writing? Can writing change digital tools?

New ways of presenting literature
What approaches, ideas and new concepts are out there which could help with the mediation of new digital literature? Which recent festivals and projects could we look to as models for future events? What developments should organisers and curators bear in mind when they present digital literature? (How do you premiere a book without a physical copy, for instance?)

New ways of organising literature activities
How can literary networks and activists use digital resources to connect with one another? How can readers as well as authors and event organisers make the most out of all the digital resources available? What digital tools are already in existence that could serve such a purpose, and how are they structured (Open Source etc.)? To what extent are these structures analogous with those formed by literary networks?

Local literary activists had the chance to get involved in the international literary community, thus enabling cultural and literary exchange.

The conference was funded by Berlin Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten.

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