CON_TEXT is a series of events which seeks to address and rethink the format of the ‘reading’. Each of the events in the CON_TEXT series is developed and executed by both an author and an artist from another artistic discipline. Working from the basis of the literary text, its aim is to develop interdisciplinary formats and thereby come to understand ‘the literary event’ as an artistic work in its own right.

CON_TEXT tests artistic approaches and methods that allow the production, presentation and reflection of a piece of art to blend into one. The literary work opens itself up to discourse and process – the reader is not presented with a finished, unvarying product, nor a fixed point of view, but rather a fragile, unstable entity which the reader can become a part of as the ‘text’ is ‘performed’. Production and presentation become one: the event taps into the essence of literature as an art form, drawing off its particular capacity for process. Literature will, in this sense, offer an opportunity to communicate rather than proclaiming apodictic truths.

CON_TEXT draws partially on current developments in other artistic fields, as well as genuinely interdisciplinary art. Artists of the visual and performing arts often use texts in their work, but the difference is that these artists are rarely offered a platform to focus on literary texts and develop interdisciplinarity from a literary perspective. This is where CON_TEXT comes in.

Co-funded by the  ‘Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa‘ (Senate Department for Culture and Europe)



Events at Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin.


1.10.2016 event

Mathias Traxler (writer, CH), Denis Abrahams (actor, DE)

Documentation: Impressions of the teaser event

21.01. – 27.01.2017 LAB, 27.01.2017 event

Cia Rinne (poet and sound artist, SE/FI) & Gernot Wieland (visual and performance artist, AT)

Documentation: Interview with the artists, Dia-Show

18.02. – 24.02.2017 LAB, 22., 23., 24.02.2017 event

Mathias Traxler (writer, CH) & Harald Muenz (composer, D)

Documentation: Photos, Correspondence between the artists, Impressions by Norbert Lange, Film

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