DISINTEGRATE YOURSELVES! A literary cafe at Forum Stadtpark

Thu., 15.11., 6.00 PM, Main hall, free admission

Dear coffee connoisseurs, dear FORUM STADTPARK friends,

As a house that feels a certain obligation towards tradition, Forum Stadtpark seeks to take care of the wishes coming from various directions and will open a cafe in the heart of the city.

What at the start will only be an evening can soon become reality throughout the day as well as throughout the year – the rustling of the trees outside and inside the heartiest of any sociabilities, then and again even swinging legs and hips. So be there when Forum Stadtpark, in cooperation with the Institute of Disintegration, will prepare an evening full with texts, music and coffee from exotic faraway places.

November 15th 2018, FORUM STADTPARK, 6.-21.00 PM
by and with Max Czollek and Christoph Szalay
Music by Lothar Lässer, video installation by Olga Flor, performance by Pia Hierzegger + Gabi Hiti, coffee and cake by FahrBar

(announcement in German on the Forum Stadtpark website)