Travel log. 50 percent pictures

Julia Schiefer is reporting on the OMNIBUS Reading Tour – without actually partaking personally, of course! A blog somewhere between fiction and reality: she will be taking us on her own Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour with real insights instead of the usual sightseeing! Her excursions – open to all – are designed for everyday life (but mostly out of range). If you look to your left, you may see a dog chewing on a skirt; to your right, a scooter transporting a bucket of water as a chariot carries a peacock off to a jolly good show.

dance dance dance
lift your leg and

red red red
the light shoots rays
missed the angle though
the perspective is right
on some of these occasions
they fall from sharp to minor

ray ray ray
shooting but rays of light over the place
dance dance dance
sprankled almost perforation of paper like
reminding me of something

What does this picture remind you of – if at all? The sub headline perfectly states where it was though the concrete place does not petrify what imagination you draw from here, you know. It could be anywhere – blurred into memory of sleeplessness. Though not with everyone, but that is what the dance hall is designed for – potentially. It indeed reminds me of a scene in a movie I must have seen once – or it is such a perfect incarnation of remembrance that it does not fuel any special memory.


As A strolled the path around the alley, she lets a smile shyly glide along her face a shell for appearance of bodies. Her yellow sports bag brushed lightly the branches of the trees around her, her steps slightly pushy. The metals of the earth rose up in traces of dust and lightning, a waft of this special smell, the smell before the rain.

On the concrete foundation of the bench she passed is written: „Love“ and a small sign before it. What is the sign for, what does it say, she wondered.

Behind her back, someone called somebody someone was looking for somebody somebody is looked after. She didn’t care, lifted her head and closed her eyes. Her toes were working, wandering farther. Her claws drive even deeper into her shoes. When she comes home, she will have some water.

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