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Messenger Interview: Authors of the final week

The OMNIBUS reading tour, spanning over 12 weeks, has reached its final stage: Cyprus – and its final week. Elvis has not yet left the building, though. Cyprus is still a divided country, a country where arts and politics share a different relationship. Read here how the authors perceived the literary scene in Cyprus, have an inside look into the political situation and think about when you last heard a siren wailing. This may indeed be quite a fitting end to a journey which has traversed the whole of the European Union. Continue reading Messenger Interview: Authors of the final week

Messenger interview: Authors of Week 8

This week’s OMNIBUS group of authors have been traveling from Austria to Serbia. On the way they picked up some stories before finally dropping by the international arts and literature festival in Belgrade, KROKODIL.  What are the artists doing on a festival morning? To get an insight, I started an experiment. I chatted with the authors for around an hour on Saturday 25th about whether OMNIBUS can be a political statement, about breakfast on the tour and the incredible heat. Continue reading Messenger interview: Authors of Week 8

Travel log. 50 percent pictures

Julia Schiefer is reporting on the OMNIBUS Reading Tour – without actually partaking personally, of course! A blog somewhere between fiction and reality: she will be taking us on her own Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour with real insights instead of the usual sightseeing! Her excursions – open to all – are designed for everyday life (but mostly out of range). If you look to your left, you may see a dog chewing on a skirt; to your right, a scooter transporting a bucket of water as a chariot carries a peacock off to a jolly good show. Continue reading Travel log. 50 percent pictures

John Holten (IE/GER): Are you still human?!

The climatic change is unarguable taking place and sets in motion dire consequences. The present-day anthropocene – an age in which humans are no longer an independent species from  others, are no longer the sole creators of their means and images but have a severe and irreversible impact on the conditions of living, it is a worthwhile to think about a kind of literature that can face the demands of nowaday issues and developments. Continue reading John Holten (IE/GER): Are you still human?!

Noémi Kiss (HUN): Pop-Rhetorics vs. Literature

Noémi Kiss is a literary woman voice from Hungary whose works are direct, confrontational and critical. By her stories about her travels and about woman specific experiences like pregnancy she developed a rich style and at the same time can address and reveal political in an uncompomising way. 

Continue reading Noémi Kiss (HUN): Pop-Rhetorics vs. Literature

Daniela Seel: „Laboratory for poetry as a form of living“

Daniela Seel is author, publisher, lecturer and critic and one of the matadors of new poetry. When you are looking for new German contemporary voices from poetry you strike a bonanza when you look at the programme of kookbooks. And even though her 2011 published collection of poems is called “ich kann diese stelle nicht wiederfinden” (“i cannot find this passage again”) she constantly proves the opposite, that is that she has found her place pretty well. According to her, poetry should be a form of life rather than an evening entertainment. Continue reading Daniela Seel: „Laboratory for poetry as a form of living“

social fiction 2.0: blind angles on facebook

Social fiction 2.0 is a storytelling experiment expanding over several social media channels in video, audio and text. Usually that is called “transmedia storytelling” as you can see in the American TV series „Lost“ or Christian Ulmens „About:Kate“ (Germany). There is but one difference to social fiction 2.0. The story of Anne Utz shows who has the right to speak on fb and the like and who has not. Without doubt it is no media strategy but politicial theatre.

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