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Portrait: Steven J Fowler (GB)

This photo of SJ Fowler comes as “Bear as the Bear”. Best wishes to Jack London. Copywright: Steven J Fowler

This photo of SJ Fowler comes as “Bear as the Bear”. Best wishes to Jack London.

By Julia Schiefer

The atmosphere of the “Hay Festival” in 2014 is buoyant and somewhat noisy. One could imagine that outside of the small frame of the youtube picture there could be people passing by, mumbling to each other, going out or in or stay for a while before moving on. Yet, it is poet/artist Steven J Fowler reading out his poems, that the screen is showing.  Approaching the microphone, he says: “Oh my god, I just realized I am in Mexico” and right in this moment a technician appears out of nowhere to fix the height of his microphone as if he wanted to answer: Yes, my friend, here you are. Before reading out his poetry he states in a brutally honest fashion that he thanks “whoever  insane person who decided to invite me” from London to Mexico, who invited a guy who writes poetry. A  guy who is actually very restless about organizing collaborative poetry events with now over “100 events in over a dozen countries”, and has published just recently his sixth book of his own poetry {Enthusiasm}, doing exhibitions, and before he has been a poet actually was a martial artist. Continue reading Portrait: Steven J Fowler (GB)

The poetical and anti-poetical register

“One of the merits of Andrea Inglese,” notes Marco Giovenale, “is that of using at the same time the poetical and anti-poetical register, not by short-circuiting the two or making the conflict, but by showing them as implying each other, connected.”

Andrea Inglese (poet) – Italy – Poetry International

How could it be possible to establish relation between aestetical pertinence and political pertinence?

Photo by gezett.de

Poet & Artist

Who are you when you are more than one?

(c) Steven Fowler

Where does the world of an author begin, where does it end? Which position did he find in this world?

„It’s becoming clearer with time that I do so many events and projects precisely because, at heart, I believe less than many of my peers in the transformative power of poetry. That isn’t to say I believe poetry isn’t transformative at all, of course I do ascribe it such potential (to me personally, naturally, it is utterly and immensely transformative), but I refuse it the power to go beyond my own personal subjectivity.“

Poetry in the UK Through SJ Fowler