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#crowdlitbus Odyssey with Mira Tuci

As we close in to Friday and the closing event of our epic tour, let us reminisce a bit and slow down the flow of time. Look forwards in the next days for short and insightful journal entires, essays and thoughts by our #crowdlitbus authors on their journey from Istanbul to Athens! Albanian #crowdlitbus author Mira Tuci (you can read her One is a CROWD interview here) gave her mind over to the muses, and the #crowdlitbus crew was suddenly transported back to the times before ancient Greece, in the mist covered hills of the era of the myth…

Tell me, Muse, of the CROWD of many resources, which wandered far and wide, after sacking the North and Center of Europe. Many the people whose words they heard, whose ways they learned. Tell us of these things, beginning where you will, Goddess, Daughter of Zeus.
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