#crowdlitbus Odyssey with Mira Tuci

As we close in to Friday and the closing event of our epic tour, let us reminisce a bit and slow down the flow of time. Look forwards in the next days for short and insightful journal entires, essays and thoughts by our #crowdlitbus authors on their journey from Istanbul to Athens! Albanian #crowdlitbus author Mira Tuci (you can read her One is a CROWD interview here) gave her mind over to the muses, and the #crowdlitbus crew was suddenly transported back to the times before ancient Greece, in the mist covered hills of the era of the myth…

Tell me, Muse, of the CROWD of many resources, which wandered far and wide, after sacking the North and Center of Europe. Many the people whose words they heard, whose ways they learned. Tell us of these things, beginning where you will, Goddess, Daughter of Zeus.

“It all started with a deep dive into the sea of Volos…

A Finish dolphin (Sasha) would not get out of the water, while a descendent of Strauss (Cristoph) was singing/reading ein Liebeslied (Love song).

Tone, was wandering why there is no Norwegian wood there, while Fate Mira from Illyrians roots was contemplating the Greek mountains.

The dream beside the sea lasted a lamp when a Pegassus (taxi driver) held an announcement:

“Europe, doesn’t exist anymore, was captured by Zeus”

“What a Greek tragedy – they said – We have to ask the Oracle of Delphi”.

But for the mission they needed a Prussian ghost (Crauss), an Athinean Philosopher (Alexis) and three Cyprus sailors (Giorgos, Lily and Nora).

And the journey started, passing valleys, bays, mountains.
After days they arrived in Delphi.

Impressive pillars of Apollo, precious marble from all the Greek cities were welcoming them @ Parnassos mountain.
Pythia was about to decree on the destiny of Europe when she listened to the poem prayers of the poets…


A landlord (guardian) decided to ban the poetry from the temples of Delphi. He announced: “It is forbidden to pray to the Gods in a poetry form…”

But they were Poets, they had patience and waited only for Pythia and listened only listen to her.

She predicted: “Once you don’t stop singing poems, Europe will return among us…”

And the cicadas were singing…

Mira Tuci
CROWD OMNIBUS traveler, week 11
on Delphi, 12 July 2016

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