Shared by CROWD: GLORYHOLE with Mara Genschel

Since mid 2013 a new literary format has been appearing in Forum Stadtpark, one that displays the shortest literary forms in public space: GLORYHOLE – messages from beyond.

This literary format is a so called canvas-screen-literary-magazine that appears in a new edition each month and is being projected to the outer canvas screen of FORUM STADTPARK every night. Through the day the current edition can be seen on a screen in a window next to the entrance to FORUM STADTPARK.

The current edition has been prepared by the German poet Mara Genschel, born in 1982 in Bonn, currently living in Berlin. After short studies of music science in Cologne and school music at the University for Music in Detmold, she majored from the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig. 2008 her first collection of poetry was published, since then she has been developing other literary formats.

2009 an artist book with a CD was made in collaboration with the sound-poet Valeri Scherstjanoi. Besides that she took part in various short plays, radio-plays and text-films. Other collaborations include the composer Martin Schüttler, as well as other visual artists, musicians and laymen.

In 2012 she started an individual book project that bundles her poems in a booklet with her handwritten interventions. The publications were released in a small print at cost price – open end.

To see more of the installations that were created as part of the GLORYHOLE project visit their Vimeo channel.

© for the featured photo: Max Höfler

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