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Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Jörg Piringer

K1600_1000528 credit Sigmundclub

Jörg Piringer, M.A. in computer science, was born in 1974 and is currently living in Vienna, Austria.

He is member of the institute for transacoustic research and member of the vegetable orchestra.

He works as a freelance artist and researcher in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound and visual electronic poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, live performance, sound installation, computer games and video art.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Aleksandra Małecka

Foto: Urszula Małecka

Aleksandra Małecka is translator, editor and vice-president at Ha!art – a Polish publishing house and NGO focused on contemporary culture and unconventional literature.

She translates experimental, electronic and otherwise avant-guard literature – and also researches such language transfer  as a PhD candidate at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Nora Hadjisotiriou

Nora Hadjisotiriou is Marketing and Public Relations specialist, with an excellent record of managing annual and ad hoc promotional events.

Since 2008 – (founder and director) provides marketing and PR consultation and services; formulates and implements marketing and merchandising strategies, prepares and monitors budgets, develops packaging, trains sales, promotion and other staff, organises launches, promotions,  competitions

Since 2004 – (founder partner and director) produces high calibre artistic events (primarily music),  provides expertise to innovative festivals (IMF)

Since 2006 – (founder partner & director) organisers of cultural events local and international, primarily in literature (see profile of Ideogramma)

Marketing and PR Manager for Rothmans International (Cyprus based) for the local company and the Middle East for over 20 years (1878 – 1999) managing annual budgets of C£2 mln (€3.5 mln) for the former and St£10 (€11.7 mln) for the latter.

Selected Current and Past projects

Cyprus Conference May 20111,  2013, Sep 2014

(NH) invited speaker at the conference held at the London Metropolitan University

Conference on Nicosia Nov 2011

(NH) key member of the organising committee (and one of the speakers) of the conference that took place in Cyprus at the Leventis Museum

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2013

(NHC), Media Consultant, international, High Tech competition

Cyprus Red Cross Quarterly Magazine 2006 – 2013

(NHC) editor

Digiwand IT Consultants

(NHC) marketing consultant to an IT company 2000 – to date

Cyprus Youth Orchestra Music Summer Academy 2007 – 2012

(NHC) Camp Manager, organiser of concerts in Cyprus and abroad (2010 in Istanbul), with over 100 musicians and 20 teachers, from Cyprus and abroad

Pedhoulas Festival 2012 June 2012

(NHC) organiser of a 2 day festival that included food demonstration

Tea at the Museum May 2012

(NHC) project manager of the artist’s installation

Quick Water May 2011

(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus

NSS Engineering Services 2009 – 2010

(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus

Dessange Medical Wellness Day Spa 2006 – 2009

(NHC) Marketing Consultant

Cyprus Association of Directors 2005 – 2008

(NHC) Business Development, Event Management

ECMS 2008 June 2008

(NHC) project manager, conference with 150 international participants

24TH  International Conference June 2007

(NHC) project manager, exclusive medical conference on cancer research

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2003 – 2006

(NHC), Consultant / Project Manager, international, High Tech competition

EGSR and Ayia Napa Conferences 2006

(NHC) project manager, 2 back to back conferences, in 2 localities, in Cyprus

International Motion Festival 2011 – todate

(AP) co-organiser (year 1) and consultant (year 2) of the multi day festival on motion graphics, the first of its kind in Cyprus and the the broader Middle East

Classical Month of Larnaca 2007

(AP) participation with a string quartet from the UK

Easter Concerts 2004 – 2006

(AP) organiser

Opera Production “Caterina Cornaro” Sept 2004

(AP) project manager

New product World Launch – Lebanon July 1996 – Oct 1997

(Rothmans) PM of the launch with a budget of St£1,5 mln

Rothmans Cyprus Rally 1982 – 1996

(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee of this European rally

Opera Riccardo Primo 1991

(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee

Rodin and His Contemporaries – Cyprus 1989

(Rothmans) project manager of the exhibition of original prototype works

Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Laura Serkosalo

Foto: Laura Serkosalo

Laura Serkolsalo (b. 1974) is the director of the Finnish non-profit literary organization Nuoren Voiman Liitto (NVL).

She’s been in literary projects for 10 years coordinating multiple literature and multi-art concepts and events.


Runokuu. Poetry Moon Literary Festival 2014:


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Mark C. Marino

Foto: Marc C. Marino

Marc C. Marino is a writer and scholar of digital literature living in Los Angeles. He is the Director of Communication of the Electronic Literature Organization.

His works include “Living Will,” “a show of hands,” and “Marginalia in the Library of Babel.” He was one of ten co-authors of 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); GOTO 10  (MIT 2013) and was a collaborator with Jessica Pressman and Jeremy Douglass on Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone’s Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit} (Iowa Press 2015).

Mark is currently working with his two children on a series of interactive children’s stories entitled Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House. He is an Associate Professor (Teaching) at the University of Southern California where he directs the Humanities and Critical Code Studies (HaCCS) Lab.

His complete portfolio is here:

Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Elena Schmitz

Elena Schmitz
Foto: Elena Schmitz

Elena Schmitz has over ten year’s experience of working in the Welsh arts and literature sector and is based in Cardiff.

She is Head of Programmes at Literature Wales and part of the Senior Management Team and has been with the organisation for over seven years.

She has overseen and managed many different literature projects, including the Young People’s Writing Squads, the Dinefwr Literature Festival and the Dylan Thomas Centenary celebrations. She has been involved in a number of international projects and exchanges, most recently a project with Canadian spoken word poet Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali.

She’s particularly interested in developing younger audiences through outreach work and works closely with her colleagues on new forms of engagement, such as developing Youth Slams in South Wales.

Originally from Osnabrueck in North Germany, Elena came to the UK in 2004 as part of her MA in British Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin. Prior to this she gained an MA in English Linguistics/Literature and Communication Studies at Essen University. She has worked for various visual arts organisations in Cardiff before joining Literature Wales, including Wales at the Venice Biennale of Art, Wales Arts International, g39 Gallery and Chapter Arts Centre.

Elena Schmitz appeared at the CROWD INTRE:FACE Conference with the support of the British Council in partnership with Writers’ Centre Norwich, UK as part of the International Literature Showcase.

ILS Logo

Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Tobias J. Koch

Tobias Koch
Foto: Tobias Koch

Tobias Koch (1988) was born in Berlin and has ever since found himself somewhere in the Baltic Sea Region.

Currently he is based in Tallinn. In October 2015 he started working for ARS BALTICA in order to support project development and make literature and online-media a more prominent part of ARS BALTICA.

He is also a translator from Danish to German.

Tobias’ Blog:

Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Max Höfler

Foto: Garfield Trummer

Max Höfler was born in 1978, and lives in Graz as a writer, artist and literature representative of FORUM STADTPARK. He studied German, philosophy and history of art and was awarded his doctoral degree for a thesis about post-Wittgenstein aesthetics.

Max Höfler writes experimental prose and is regularly published in literary journals, anthologies and newspapers. For his debut “Texas as text title” he was awarded several scholarships and prizes.

Since 2009, Max Höfler has organised and curated about 30 literature events, festivals, projects and symposia at FORUM STADTPARK, to which he has invited more than 70 artists from the German-speaking area and beyond. The focus of his programme is on contemporary experimental writing techniques which further explore the approaches of the classical avant-garde and neo-avant- garde in the ever-present now. In the formulation of his programmes, he places value on combining experimental forms with political questions.

Glory Hole is a Video-Installation on the outer walls of the FORUM Stadtpark, in the city-park of Graz.


Artistic Career
1.)Since 2010, curator of the international radio-art network radia
2.) Since 2009, literature representative of FORUM STADTPARK
3.) Since 2009, freelance writer
4.) 2009-2011, committee member of the net-art association
5.) Since 2009, literature programme horch hoch 2 on Radio Helsinki, Graz
6.) 2005, founding of the group of artists R.A.P1.2 (Red Army Participle 1 squared)
7.) 2005, founding of the semi-virtual home gallery GG44
8.) Since 2000, regular publications in literary journals and anthologies

Curatorial Activities (Selection)
9.) post – circular sent to all households in Graz and designed by authors and artists, Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
10.) chain reaction – 6-hour live radio-art programme, São Paulo Biennale and Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
11.) extra – Series of readings presenting contemporary experimental literature.
Forum Stadtpark, since 2010.
12.) radia – Art-radio programmes for the worldwide radio-art network radia, since 2010.
13.) Kolumne p – Literature symposium, Forum Stadtpark, 2010.
14.) texttontage (text tone days) – Festival for texts and tones where each author works together with a composer/ musician to create a piece of work. Forum Stadtpark, since 2009.

Literary Publications (Selection)
– wies is is (How it is). Ritter, 2014.
– texas als texttitel (Texas as text title). A raving comedy novel. Ritter, 2010.
– EXTRAKT. forum stadtpark literatur 2010 – 2012. Verlag Forum Stadtpark 2012, (editor).
– post. Verlag Forum Stadtpark 2012, (editor).
 als wie ich noch der waldheimatbub gewesen war. In: Alphabet der Kindheit (Alphabet of Childhood), Leykam, 2012. (Anthology)
– How to build a magnificent Boom-Boom. In: A Global Visuage, edition ch, 2012, (anthology).
– How to build a magnificent Boom-Boom. In: monchrom #26-34. Ye Olde Self-Referentiality, 2010 (anthology).
– herz aus stahl (heart of steel). Novel. In: Revue nach neunundvierzig Nummern perspektive. Sonderzahl Wien, 2006 (anthology).

Academic Publications (Selection)
– Vom absolut Gewöhnlichen und dem für gewöhnlich Absoluten (The Ordinary and the Absolute. Aesthetics in term of Wittgenstein.) Aesthetics according to Wittgenstein. Doctoral thesis, 2011.
– Möglichkeitsräume des biographischen Schreibens (Spatial possibilities of biographical writing). In: Erinnerung, Gedächtnis, Geschichtsbewältigung (Reminisence, memory and coming to terms with history). Österreichische Literatur der neunziger Jahre (Austrian literature of the nineties), Lodz 2001.

Artistic Activities (Selection)
– chain reaction – 6-hour live radio-art programme, São Paulo Biennale and Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
– Artsbirthday, radio art, Ö1 (art radio) and gallery ESC, 2010.
– XLR. Network and radio art. Galerija Kapelica, Ljubjana, 2009.

Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Jazra Khaleed

Jazra (1)
Foto: Jazra Khaleed

Jazra Khaleed (b. 1979 in Grosny, Chechnya) is an Athens-based poet, translator and editor.

His works are protests against the injustices in contemporary Greece, especially the growing xenophobia and racism.

His poems have been widely translated for publications in Europe, the US, Australia and Japan. He is co-editor of the poetry magazine TEFLON, where he publishes his own translations and essays.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Peter Dietze

12240375_10208219328146688_3826713336031540940_o (2)
© Alexander Gumz

Peter Dietze (*1987 in Dresden, GDR) lives in Berlin. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Germany and abroad.

He is one of the editors of the German-Czech-Slovakian anthology and the literary magazine Randnummer.

Since 2013 he is part of the Berlin based artists network KOOK and organizer of several literary projects and events in Berlin, latest: “CLOUDPOESIE – Dichtung für die vernetzte Gesellschaft” (CLOUDPOETRY – Poetry for the connected society). In 2016 he is receiving a work stipend from the Berlin Senate.