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Alexander Filyuta – organizer of ausland

ausland is a non-commercially run venue in berlin for music and performance and related public and non-public events. ausland is also a workspace for local, national and international artists and projects.

Alexander Filyuta organizes together with Tobias Herold the series “Lyrik im ausland

Astrid Kaminski wrote in the Berliner Zeitung: The selforganized place of event “ausland” has become one of the favourite pub of contemporary poets. Here party and poetry don’t disagree.

The poetry exhibition “What’s the point of poetry?” trys to give answers to questions like: “What does poetry communicate, what messages and demands do the poets involved have for their societies, and what does the idea of ‘home’ mean to each of them?”

What’s the point if it is nothing of all? Like a rose is a rose is a rose.

Does a poet have responsibility for the society?