#crowdlitbus diary with George Christodoulides

Cypriot #crowdlitbus author George Christodoulides finishes up with our small but in no way dull series of past fragments of the last few weeks with some thoughts on the last event in Athens. Don’t forget to tune in tonight to our livestream, broadcasting the closing ceremony to the comfort of your sofa, couch, bath or wherever you choose to tune in!

A worthy conclusion to the routes that preceded took place on the last day of the penultimate route of the Crowd Omnibus Tour last night in Athens. At the premises of the Polis Art Café, the very last performance of poetry readings took place that had as participants seven litterateurs, joined by distinguished Greek poets. Once again, the mixture of various trends and concepts in poetry worked beautifully and demonstrated the ability of literature to go beyond language limitations with excellent transmissibility.

The prominent Greek poet Titos Patrikios honoured the event with his presence.

A farewell dinner followed at a restaurant in Exarchia. The ambience was bittersweet, with joy over the wealth of experiences the authors gained during their five-day trip, and sorrow for the forthcoming separation. However, all agreed their gain is so potent it can create long-lasting memories and build future bridges for exchanging visions of poetry in the future.

George Christodoulides
CROWD OMNIBUS travelling author, week 11
on Athens 13 July 2016

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