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born in the late eighties in sunny and chaotic italy. migrated to germany to attend literary studies. currently surviving in berlin as a freelance translator, musician and event organizer with a heart for contemporary literature. at crowd: coordinator of the omnibus reading tour 2016 (leg 2) and member of the crowd-team in berlin

CROWD Diary Entry #1 (RKS)

Polip International Literature Festival
22-24 May 2015, Pristina (Kosovo)

After an intense and productive CROWD-partner meeting in Graz together with the teams of Lettrétage, Nuoren Voiman Liitto, FORUM Stadtpark and Ideogramma I continued my journey first to Slovenia and then to Kosovo, in order to meet some literary activists (and, hopefully, future members of the CROWD!) and to get more information about the free literary scenes in this countries…
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