Athena Temvriou on OMNIBUS Reading Tour (Week XII)

A meeting of Minds

Poetry begins when beauty embraces
a moment of truth. One senses it deeply
when it is shared, when there is a
meeting of minds and when both
space and time add to its purpose.

Ideogramma offered us once more an unforgettable experience on the 18th of July, in Larnaca. The Pierides museum was the ideal place in the town to meet and share poetry, thoughts and ideas with poets from other European countries who visited Cyprus via The CROWD. The grandeur of the rooms, the art and the mysticism of the past overwhelmed each one of us. We read verses in both English and our native languages. Undoubtedly, even if you do not speak a language, poetry would still have an effect on you when the poet’s expression and voice penetrates the depths of your soul. I was assured once more that poetry is mostly about feeling than meaning.

We later walked to a restaurant opposite the church of Saint Lazarus. The mystagogy when the spiritual met the secular, the lights and the voices of the people seemed different this time. The mesmerizing atmosphere of the summery night, the poetical mood that brought us closer, the humour and the delicious food will always be remembered.

The meeting was not only about our creative work. It also concerned us, the poets who needed to communicate, feel inspired, escape borders, travel with the wings of imagination and above all learn. Cultural exchange is what brings this world together; reaching for what is diverse or even unknown has always helped us cross bridges. After all, we may not be that different; especially, when the language of poetry is spoken and heard.

Many thanks to the organizers, Lily Michaelides and Nora Hadjisotiriou whose love for culture has been an inspiration. I wish them all the luck that they may need in their creative lives and I am looking forward to future events.

Athena Temvriou, Poet, translator
Local author at the 18 July event, Pierides Museum, Larnaca, Cyprus

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