Ana Pejovic

Ana Pejović (1980), from Belgrade, Ana Pejovic
Serbia. Graduated from the Faculty of Philology, coordinator in association KROKODIL. From 2002 to 2011 worked as assistant editor and literary editor in publishing houses in Belgrade. Co-founder of the festival KROKODIL, and the association KROKODIL. As coordinator of the association, Ana Pejović is in charge of Writers-in-residence program, communication and overall administration.

Association KROKODIL is comprised of a small team of people gathered around the idea that literature and the culture of reading nowadays need special tending as well as the new and fresh ways of promoting them. Festival KROKODIL (Abbr. in Serbian for: Literary Regional Gathering That Alleviates Boredom and Lethargy), established in 2009, is a literary festival that provides deep insight in contemporary literature of the region of the Western Balkans and Europe and presents it in a unique and original way and in its full scope – without any generational, poetic, political, gender or any other form of exclusiveness.
Since its inception in 2009, owing to its modern and dynamic approach in presenting public readings and its strong regional concept, the KROKODIL Festival has become one of the most successful literary events in the region. More than fiteen festival events have been organized so far, with more than one hundred participants, from Serbia, the region of ex -Yugoslavia and Europe.
As an alternative to the run-of-the-mill forms of presenting literature, KROKODIL Festival offers a new concept. By bringing books and the culture of reading closer to our public in a fun way, yet with a serious message, our main aim is to actively contribute to the creation of the new literary audience and to the enhancement of the cultural cooperation among the countries of the Western Balkans and within Europe in general.
Besides our main annual three-day festival in June, the association KROKODIL launched Belgrade’s very first WRITERS IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMME in October 2012. Since 2012, this program hosted 25 authors coming from twelve European states. The first and second edition of KROKODIL’s offshoot named KROKODOKODIL and dedicated to literature and illustration for children, were launched in 2013 and 2014 in Belgrade.
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