What is CROWD? Evening-Events 23.01. and 24.01.

CROWD is a trans-European network of literary activists from the independent scene (authors, translators, organisers, literature bloggers, editors of literature magazines, indie publishing houses), that will meet for the first time this weekend in the Lettrétage. CROWD wants to discover all kinds of ideas of contemporary literature in Europe, to develop them collectively and to bring them into the public, Europe-wide discourse.

During the evening events of this first CROWD Conference we want to ask ourselves and you:  Which texts are nowadays relevant due to what reasons – political, aesthetical etc.? How can literature let us experience our society beyond the mere documentation of our present? In what kind of tension are therefore politics and aesthetics, tradition and experiment, author reference and reader reference involved?

Lily Michaelides (Cyprus), Max Höfler (Austria), Laura Serkosalo (Finland), Ana Pejović (Serbia), Ondřej Buddeus (Czech Republic), Andrea Inglese (Italy/France), Valgerdur Thoroddsdottir (Iceland), Inga Bodnarjuka (Latvia) and Steven Fowler (UK) will read and discuss.

Photo by gezett.de

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