Oeuvre? What is an oeuvre?

Is one single book already an oeuvre? Or shall we name it an oeuvre only if we refer to an conglomeration of books of the same author? If I sing a song, do I achieve an oeuvre? Or do I at least have to compose it by myself? If the author’s book is the author’s oeuvre, what is the readers oeuvre? Does an oeuvre have to be linear? Is the Bible an oeuvre? The Bible isn’t linear. And it’s not written by the same author.

And what in the hell is the literary activist’s oeuvre consisting of???

Let’s think about the oeuvre of a publisher. For the german speakers among you, we are happy to present Daniela Seel, speaker of the conference and founder of kookbooks, one of the most important poetry publisher in Germany. Daniela Seel: „This is why I do not publish prose anymore. It’s all about marketing. It destroys literature.“

Have a look on Daniela’s ouvre as  a publisher!

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