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Festival Guide: Poetry Moon in Finland

Poetry Moon is a literature festival based in Helsinki, Finland, which will be held from 21st  to 27th August 2015 – this is in two weeks,  crowdies!

What is special about the festival is the diversity of the events and approaches  ranging from events for children to a poetry marathon up to poetry as “fire prevention”. It is a festival aiming at assembling new and other ways of presentation of and participation in literature. Radiophonic collages, creative writing and improvisation or poetry swallowed up by it all: the picture, sound, movement, smell, taste, touch. I would say: get your suitcases ready!

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Tibor Hrs Pandur (SI): The medium is the mask

Poet, editor, organizer and founder of the literary platform I.D.I.O.T. Tibor Hrs Pandur from Slovenia talks about the importance of independent publishing. Yet it is only through festivals, music and performance literature that can be enhanced and spread according to contemporary needs. That also touches the politics of literature. And this is also what Tibor writes about. Make the intimate things the agenda and mask them by text.  

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