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Travel log. Stuff your piney whispers

Julia Schiefer is reporting on the OMNIBUS Reading Tour – without actually partaking personally, of course! A blog somewhere between fiction and reality: she will be taking us on her own Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour with real insights instead of the usual sightseeing! Her excursions – open to all – are designed for everyday life (but mostly out of range). If you look to your left, you may see a dog chewing on a skirt; to your right, a scooter transporting a bucket of water as a chariot carries a peacock off to a jolly good show. Continue reading Travel log. Stuff your piney whispers

One is a CROWD – Anja Golob

Literature as a European mother tongue: In our series “One is a CROWD”, we introduce you to authors from all over Europe who will be involved in the CROWD omnibus reading tour, taking place from May to July 2016, featuring 100 authors who will be travelling through 15 European countries. We asked them three questions about text production, reception and mediation. If you’ve always wanted to know what a literary activist living between Brussels and Ljubljana looks like, meet Anja Golob!

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Cheers to Slovenia! Živijo! Smem prositi za ples? The Slovene author Anja Golob writes poetry, does translations, is an editor, a critic and a dramaturg. CROWD-Scout Linde Nadiani met her in Ljubljana just recently where they had a coffee. Now she told me about her poetry, about the Slovenian literary scene and about her recent publication in German. Let’s dance with Anja Golob.

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