Max Höfler

max höfler (c) garfield trummer67
Foto: Garfield Trummer

Max Höfler was born in 1978, and lives in Graz as a writer, artist and literature representative of FORUM STADTPARK. He studied German, philosophy and history of art and was awarded his doctoral degree for a thesis about post-Wittgenstein aesthetics.

Max Höfler writes experimental prose and is regularly published in literary journals, anthologies and newspapers. For his debut “Texas as text title” he was awarded several scholarships and prizes.

Since 2009, Max Höfler has organised and curated about 30 literature events, festivals, projects and symposia at FORUM STADTPARK, to which he has invited more than 70 artists from the German-speaking area and beyond. The focus of his programme is on contemporary experimental writing techniques which further explore the approaches of the classical avant-garde and neo-avant- garde in the ever-present now. In the formulation of his programmes, he places value on combining experimental forms with political questions.

Artistic Career
1.)Since 2010, curator of the international radio-art network radia
2.) Since 2009, literature representative of FORUM STADTPARK
3.) Since 2009, freelance writer
4.) 2009-2011, committee member of the net-art association
5.) Since 2009, literature programme horch hoch 2 on Radio Helsinki, Graz
6.) 2005, founding of the group of artists R.A.P1.2 (Red Army Participle 1 squared)
7.) 2005, founding of the semi-virtual home gallery GG44
8.) Since 2000, regular publications in literary journals and anthologies

Curatorial Activities (Selection)
9.) post – circular sent to all households in Graz and designed by authors and artists, Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
10.) chain reaction – 6-hour live radio-art programme, São Paulo Biennale and Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
11.) extra – Series of readings presenting contemporary experimental literature.
Forum Stadtpark, since 2010.
12.) radia – Art-radio programmes for the worldwide radio-art network radia, since 2010.
13.) Kolumne p – Literature symposium, Forum Stadtpark, 2010.
14.) texttontage (text tone days) – Festival for texts and tones where each author works together with a composer/ musician to create a piece of work. Forum Stadtpark, since 2009.

Literary Publications (Selection)
wies is is (How it is). Ritter, 2014.
texas als texttitel (Texas as text title). A raving comedy novel. Ritter, 2010.
EXTRAKT. forum stadtpark literatur 2010 – 2012. Verlag Forum Stadtpark 2012, (editor).
post. Verlag Forum Stadtpark 2012, (editor).
als wie ich noch der waldheimatbub gewesen war. In: Alphabet der Kindheit (Alphabet of Childhood), Leykam, 2012. (Anthology)
How to build a magnificent Boom-Boom. In: A Global Visuage, edition ch, 2012, (anthology).
How to build a magnificent Boom-Boom. In: monchrom #26-34. Ye Olde Self-Referentiality, 2010 (anthology).
herz aus stahl (heart of steel). Novel. In: Revue nach neunundvierzig Nummern perspektive. Sonderzahl Wien, 2006 (anthology).

Academic Publications (Selection)
Vom absolut Gewöhnlichen und dem für gewöhnlich Absoluten (The Ordinary and the Absolute. Aesthetics in term of Wittgenstein.) Aesthetics according to Wittgenstein. Doctoral thesis, 2011.
Möglichkeitsräume des biographischen Schreibens (Spatial possibilities of biographical writing). In: Erinnerung, Gedächtnis, Geschichtsbewältigung (Reminisence, memory and coming to terms with history). Österreichische Literatur der neunziger Jahre (Austrian literature of the nineties), Lodz 2001.

Artistic Activities (Selection)
chain reaction – 6-hour live radio-art programme, São Paulo Biennale and Forum Stadtpark, 2012.
Artsbirthday, radio art, Ö1 (art radio) and gallery ESC, 2010.
XLR. Network and radio art. Galerija Kapelica, Ljubjana, 2009.



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