Alexander Filyuta

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Foto: Tom Schulz

Alexander Filyuta, born in Leningrad, USSR, lives in Berlin. He studied German and Russian philology in St. Petersburg and Berlin. In 2010 together with Tobias Herold he founded a poetry project “Lyrik im ausland” at the cultural space “ausland”. Since 2006 he is a curator and member of the Russian speaking Berlin poetry association «Западнаперёд» (“zapadnapered”). A member of the Baltic Sea Library Project. He was in charge of the poetry exhibition “What’s the point of poetry?” (including poets, photographers and poetry organisations from 47 European countries) for the poesiefestival Berlin 2013 and of the “Day of Ukrainian poetry” for the poesiefestival Berlin 2014. In September 2014 he was participating at the Poetry Days festival in Riga. Alexander Filyuta writes in German and Russian and is translator to and from German and Russian.

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