Residency at Villa Sarkia

A shout out to all our CROWDies: Over in Finland one of our partners, Nuoren Voiman Liitto, together with the city of Sysmä, is looking for eager young writers and translators, who would like to focus on their personal literary undertakings in a private and inspiring setting. Residency periods in Villa Sarkia are between one to three months.

The intention of Villa Sarkia is to provide an environment for young writers and translators to work in privacy and improve their professional skills, and also to increase the diversity of the cultural life of Sysmä. In accepting residency, each applicant agrees to one (1) performance at a nursery, school, library or other occasion organized by the city of Sysmä during their stay. Should their stay fall on the Summer months, residents are also encouraged to organize activities on behalf of Sysmä’s Kirjakyläpäivät, a local literary festival held in July. The residence is a wonderful addition to the versatile range of cultural activities in Sysmä. Other festivals include Sysmän Suvisoitto, a classical music festival; Uotinpäivät, the yearly town fair; and Pajularock, a local rock music festival.

How to Apply

To apply to be a resident at Villa Sarkia, send a free-form application to the office of Nuoren Voiman Liitto. The address is Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Fredrikinkatu 23 d 4, 00120 Helsinki Finland. Remember to specify the desired duration of your residency period! Nuoren Voiman Liitto will be in touch with all applicants personally once the selection for each term has been made.

Applying for the Spring period (1 Jan – 30 Jun) ends on 31 Oct. The selections are made by the committee of Nuoren Voiman Liitto in December.

Applying for the Autumn period (1 Aug – 31 Dec) ends on 31 May. The selections are made by the committee of Nuoren Voiman Liitto in June.

In July Villa Sarkia is primarily in the use of city of Sysmä.

For more information, such as where to send your application and which documents it should entail, head on over to the notice at Nuoren Voiman Liitto: Call for applications!

Nuoren Voimann Liitto, founded in 1921, is a Finnish non-profit literature organization, supporter of creative writers and organizer of literary events as well as publisher of the literary magazine Nuori Voima.

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