Mathias Traxler and Denis Abrahams present “transfer-balades”

The start of October also marked the start of the CON_TEXT project. At Lettrétage, Mathias Traxler and Denis Abrahams met to put together “transfer-balades”, a “speech-installation”, combining visual, audio and spatial stimuli. Going out from the boat as a symbol for writing poetry and crossing-over, different poses/positions of meaning/ballads/transformative images were arranged in the composed ramblings. Just how a text steps in the room from the page of a book and can show and present itself as heard, stable, balanced, which holds together a house, a path. The page therein takes the role/question of a membrane, as protection and the boat’s canvas.

A booth was set up for the visitors of the installation, where the different forms can be taken in without fear. Distributed throughout the room one could find fleshed out phrases. Combined with the audio part of the installation visual stimulations were also projected on the walls, so that the focus of the “reading” was bouncing around the room, in a way forcing the audience to follow and take in the whole room.

Through their installation, the crowd that filled the Lettrétage was presented with a  teaser of what is to follow in 2017 – two events, focusing on bringing together literature and other art forms, in an attempt to reimagine the way how we think of, construct and also take in literary readings.

Living and Writing between Borders

The authors of the 6th week of the #crowlitbus OMNIBUS Reading Tour have traveled to Frankfurt on the Oder, a German town right next to the Polish border. They took walks through the town with three local authors which showed them their favourite spots in and arround the city, where they also exchanged some (literary) words. Not only German and Polish was spoken, but also Finnish, Slovenian and English. The short snippets feature Maik Altenburg, Sören Bollmann and Carmen Winter, guiding Harri Hertell, Artur Becker and Anja Golob through their Frankfurt(s).

Stay tuned for the whole movie, set to debut next week on the 4th of October!


Denis Abrahams

Denis Abrahams, born 1973 in Wiesbaden, studied acting at the College for music and depicting arts in Frankfurt/Main. He starred in various roles at different city and national theaters. Since 2004 Denis Abrahams has been living  and working as a freelance speaker and reader in Berlin. Besides his readings, audio books and radio plays he also directed the dialogue in several radio plays. Amongst other things he is part of the regular reading ansamble of the Internationaler Literaturfestival Berlin (ilb). Abrahams is a founding member of Lettrétage and has prepared over hundred literary evenings as a speaker and curator.

Fiston Mwanza Mujila – “Finland was my non-lieu”

Fiston Mwanza Mujila travelled on the OMNIBUS Reading Tour in the very first week from Helsinki across the arctic circle way up into the north. Coming originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, journeying has become a necessary part of Fiston’s life as an author and migrant emplyoing a unique perspective on countries and national borders. I talked with Fiston about travelling, the OMNIBUS Reading Tour, guilt and influences on writing. Continue reading Fiston Mwanza Mujila – “Finland was my non-lieu”

Messenger Interview: Authors of the final week

The OMNIBUS reading tour, spanning over 12 weeks, has reached its final stage: Cyprus – and its final week. Elvis has not yet left the building, though. Cyprus is still a divided country, a country where arts and politics share a different relationship. Read here how the authors perceived the literary scene in Cyprus, have an inside look into the political situation and think about when you last heard a siren wailing. This may indeed be quite a fitting end to a journey which has traversed the whole of the European Union. Continue reading Messenger Interview: Authors of the final week

#crowdlitbus diary with George Christodoulides

Cypriot #crowdlitbus author George Christodoulides finishes up with our small but in no way dull series of past fragments of the last few weeks with some thoughts on the last event in Athens. Don’t forget to tune in tonight to our livestream, broadcasting the closing ceremony to the comfort of your sofa, couch, bath or wherever you choose to tune in!
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#crowdlitbus odyssey continued with Tone Hødnebø

And what did the cicadas in Delphi sing about? Norway #crowdlitbus author Tone Hødnebø (you can read her One is a CROWD interview here) tells it all! As we close in to Friday and the closing event of our epic tour, let us reminisce a bit and slow down the flow of time. Look forwards in the next days for short and insightful journal entires, essays and thoughts by our #crowdlitbus authors on their journey from Istanbul to Athens!
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