#crowdlitbus diary: Mesut Şenol

If you payed attention to the Messenger interview by Julia Schiefer, you read how one of the #crowdlitbus authors Angela Kaimaklioti traveled from Athens to Istanbul, the thoughts that went through her head as she set out on her journey … Now let’s turn the tables and see what the thought process in one of the local authors was like! We invite you in the mind of local Turkish author Mesut Şenol, as he meets the authors and attends the first event of the last part of the OMNIBUS Reading Tour.

Tuesday, 05 July

From Helsinki to Turkey… There were many stops for the European writers who took their turn to visit literary capitals, so to speak. Now Istanbul greeted these adventurous writers with weeping … a powerful pouring of rain in the morning that gave way to a sunny afternoon. After collecting the writers from the airport, bus stations, Turkish counterparts were able to feel relaxed that they would have time to mingle with their guests. Turkish and European writers alike came very close and had a taste of Turkish hospitality at Aytül Akal’s house; a Turkish writer. As is her custom, she opened her house and heart to her guests with small and meaningful surprises. She even had custom-made magnets from one of the book cover of each writer placed on the fridge. Food was delicious and abundant, accompanied with all types of drinks. The evening turned into night and it was hard to depart from Aytul’s house, from Aytul herself, her son, her daughter in law and grandchildren. It was a very warm and culturally enriching experience for everybody. We hope the other stops in Istanbul and Tekirdağ will make similar positive impact on people’s imagination and create staying memories.

Mesut Şenol
Local Turkish writer, participant at the Istanbul event, 06. July 2016

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