19.05.2016 - OMNIBUS Reading Tour in Aarshus

Jan Kaus reading in Aarhus! #crowdlitbus #aarhus

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20.05.2016 - OMNIBUS Reading Tour in Odense

We are driving towards Copenhagen. Our bus driver Matti said to us; "so it is our last drive together" and we organizers bursted in to tears. Nuoren Voiman Liitto has hosted the first three weeks of Omnibus tour. We started from Helsinki and went to Enontekiö and Tromsø, those being the northest spots of our tour. The staff at Enontekiö highschool gave us this Willow Grouse in its winter uniform to keep in the bus. It has been a little talisman through stress and sweat. However we cannot imagine what the next 9 weeks is gonna offer our partners and new authors! We wish you all good luck and are eager to follow you all the way to Cyprus where our tour is ending in July. And thank you for following us! We will still be posting the last feels of our 3 weeks during today. #crowdlitbus #feelz #tears #goodbye At this point we would also like the many instances that make this tour happen, as Creative Europe EU -program is our biggest sponsor we also appreciate everyone involved with this project as Kulturkontakt Nord, Finnish Literature Exchange and Cyprus tourism organisation etc. You can really feel how this tour is made to happen with international co-operation – in all of its forms! We carry the sponsors on our tour with the roll-up you have might seen in the pictures and you can also get to know them through our website !

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21.05.2016 - OMNIBUS Reading Tour in Copenhagen

Martin Jankowski reading in Copenhagen #crowdlitbus #copenhagen #arkbooks

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find Kinga Tóth from the picture #crowdlitbus #arkbooks #copenhagen

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