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Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Hannes Bajohr

© Julia Pelta Feldman, 2014

Hannes Bajohr received his M.A. in philosophy from Humboldt University in Berlin, and is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University, New York.

His research focuses on Hans Blumenberg’s theory of language, political philosophy, and digital literature. As a practitioner, Bajohr is part of the writers’ collective 0x0a.

His last works include Timidities (Berlin: Readux, 2015), a collection of corpus poetry, and Code and Concept (Berlin: Frohmann, 2016), an edited anthology on conceptual and digital literature.

About 0x0a:

0x0a is a writers’ collective for Digital Literature. At the moment, its members are Gregor Weichbrodt and Hannes Bajohr.

0x0a is the hex code for the line feed. It is a symbol that does not have an analogue in the analog. It cannot be pronounced and exists only as “control character.” It is thus the ideal symbol for the attempt to produce genuinely Digital Literature. 0x0a strives to be a workshop, a laboratory, a showcase and a focal point for digital conceptual literature. We want to start the discussion about this form of literature in Germany and beyond.

What is the Digital? A great promise: Everything is text. Images, sounds, movies are text. Even text is text. For it is not itself the last word, but only a wave on a submarine system of signs. Even the word “word” is, one level below, encoded as 57 6F 72 74 in hexadecimals, and lower again, as 01010111 01101111 01110010 01110100 in binary

Digital literature is not digitized literature. You can translate between the Digital and the analogue, but any such translation is both loss and gain, interpretation and distortion. Just as each medium creates its own reality, so does the Digital. The Digital has a different reality from the analog.

0x0a researches the possibilities of the Digital in text.

Create your “Automaten-Gedicht“:


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Jürgen Neumann

Foto: Jürgen Neumann

Jürgen Neumann started working with computers in 1984, and since then
has been looking for ways to deploy ICT in useful ways for organizations and society.

As a consultant for ICT strategy, he has worked for major German and international companies and NGOs. In 2002 he co-founded Freifunk, a not-for-profit community of free and open wireless network activists.

His recent activities include open source(d) hardware, the FLOSS based knowledge management tool DeepaMehta and lobbying for more open radio spectrum.

About DeepaMehta:

DeepaMehta is a software platform for knowledge workers. The special feature of DeepaMehta is the situation-centered user interface: information belonging to one working context is — together with its meaningful relationships — displayed and edited in a single window. Whether it is text, images, documents, emails, web pages, events or for example contacts.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Mika Lumi Tuomola


Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola is professor in Design at Politecnico di Milano, Italia, and founder of Crucible Studio, the New Media Storytellingresearch group at Media Lab Helsinki, Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland.

He researches and teaches generative/interactive storytelling and participatory drama.

As an internationally awarded writer, dramaturge and director, his artistic productions include the web drama “Daisy’s Amazing Discoveries” (Coronet Interactive 1996),  avatar and game world designs for “WorldsAway” (ICL-Fujitsu 2000), moving image installations “Myths for One” (Media Lab Helsinki 2002) and “Alan01” (Jaakko Pesonen & Crucible Studio 2008),  the dark musical comedy series “Accidental Lovers” for television and mobile devices (Yle 2006-7) and tactile poetry app “Antikythera” (Saila Susiluoto & Taiste 2015).


is tactile, game-like poetry application for iPad and other tablet devices. It is based on the Antikythera mechanism, the ancient analog computer from c. 100 BC Greece, found in the Aegean Sea in 1900.

Download to iPad from App Store: (Available only in Finnish.)


Kun pimeä havahtuu, on myöhäistä, joku lamppu on syttynyt jo.
    (When the dark wakes up, it is too late, a lamp is lit already.)


The application is experimental and voluminous; it contains over 200 poems written for the mechanism. The artwork links together poetry, new technology, visual and sound art, and researches and explores new forms and possibilities of digital poetry: broken chronology, randomness and determined paths of reading, locked poems which open procedurally, games, visual and animated poems, temporality, disappearing and appearing poems, poems where verses change their places from one poem to another, words and lines which change their meanings and react to the reader’s physical actions, her/his touch and movement of the tablet.

The Antikythera collection of poems has six parts – or storyworlds, presented as the gears of the mechanism – each part containing 32 poems written for 32 different themes (e.g. love, transition, death etc.). Zeppelin Letters from The Hindenburg (Ilmalaivakirjeet Hindenburgilta) is about young Adele and Hindenburg’s last journey in 1937. Labrys, the feminist and feminine version of the story of Ariadne, is set on the Treblinka extermination camp. The Witch (Noita) tells about the 17th century witch-hunt in Finnmark, Vardo Island, Norway. In The Empress (Keisarinna), Elisabeth of Austria monologues about restlessness, rage and lack of freedom. Images of Artists (Taiteilijakuvia) is situated in pre-war Vienna and discusses poverty, art, love, sex and artist’s muses via two voices: Oskar Kokoschka’s doll of Alma Mahler and Egon Schiele’s lover Valerie Neutzil. Town Stories (Kaupunkitarinoita) imagines a medieval European town with a whole new set of little ghost and horror stories between poetry and prose – it’s about poverty, evil and horror.

There is also an Oracle in Antikythera, divining mechanism based on the “free verses” of all the poems in the thematically organised database. The database also provides the reader with date, season and moon phase sensitive daily verses via the moon interface traveling in astronomical real-time unless interrupted: the cosmos goes on unless a reader pauses it.

Based on awarded poet Saila Susiluoto‘s overall idea and concept, Antikythera presents her latest collection, co-dramatised for new media by director Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, visual art and interface design by Shakti Dash, sound art & design by Antti Nykyri, and system architecture by Rasmus Vuori. The work has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK, Milla Moilanen & Elena Näsänen) and Kone Foundation, and has been technically finalised for the Finnish Apple App Store during Spring-Summer 2015 by the Taiste production company.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Jörg Piringer

K1600_1000528 credit Sigmundclub

Jörg Piringer, M.A. in computer science, was born in 1974 and is currently living in Vienna, Austria.

He is member of the institute for transacoustic research and member of the vegetable orchestra.

He works as a freelance artist and researcher in the fields of electronic music, radio art, sound and visual electronic poetry, interactive collaborative systems, online communities, live performance, sound installation, computer games and video art.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Aleksandra Małecka

Foto: Urszula Małecka

Aleksandra Małecka is translator, editor and vice-president at Ha!art – a Polish publishing house and NGO focused on contemporary culture and unconventional literature.

She translates experimental, electronic and otherwise avant-guard literature – and also researches such language transfer  as a PhD candidate at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.


Speakers’ Profiles INTRE:FACE: Nora Hadjisotiriou

Nora Hadjisotiriou is Marketing and Public Relations specialist, with an excellent record of managing annual and ad hoc promotional events.

Since 2008 – (founder and director) provides marketing and PR consultation and services; formulates and implements marketing and merchandising strategies, prepares and monitors budgets, develops packaging, trains sales, promotion and other staff, organises launches, promotions,  competitions

Since 2004 – (founder partner and director) produces high calibre artistic events (primarily music),  provides expertise to innovative festivals (IMF)

Since 2006 – (founder partner & director) organisers of cultural events local and international, primarily in literature (see profile of Ideogramma)

Marketing and PR Manager for Rothmans International (Cyprus based) for the local company and the Middle East for over 20 years (1878 – 1999) managing annual budgets of C£2 mln (€3.5 mln) for the former and St£10 (€11.7 mln) for the latter.

Selected Current and Past projects

Cyprus Conference May 20111,  2013, Sep 2014

(NH) invited speaker at the conference held at the London Metropolitan University

Conference on Nicosia Nov 2011

(NH) key member of the organising committee (and one of the speakers) of the conference that took place in Cyprus at the Leventis Museum

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2013

(NHC), Media Consultant, international, High Tech competition

Cyprus Red Cross Quarterly Magazine 2006 – 2013

(NHC) editor

Digiwand IT Consultants

(NHC) marketing consultant to an IT company 2000 – to date

Cyprus Youth Orchestra Music Summer Academy 2007 – 2012

(NHC) Camp Manager, organiser of concerts in Cyprus and abroad (2010 in Istanbul), with over 100 musicians and 20 teachers, from Cyprus and abroad

Pedhoulas Festival 2012 June 2012

(NHC) organiser of a 2 day festival that included food demonstration

Tea at the Museum May 2012

(NHC) project manager of the artist’s installation

Quick Water May 2011

(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus

NSS Engineering Services 2009 – 2010

(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus

Dessange Medical Wellness Day Spa 2006 – 2009

(NHC) Marketing Consultant

Cyprus Association of Directors 2005 – 2008

(NHC) Business Development, Event Management

ECMS 2008 June 2008

(NHC) project manager, conference with 150 international participants

24TH  International Conference June 2007

(NHC) project manager, exclusive medical conference on cancer research

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition 2003 – 2006

(NHC), Consultant / Project Manager, international, High Tech competition

EGSR and Ayia Napa Conferences 2006

(NHC) project manager, 2 back to back conferences, in 2 localities, in Cyprus

International Motion Festival 2011 – todate

(AP) co-organiser (year 1) and consultant (year 2) of the multi day festival on motion graphics, the first of its kind in Cyprus and the the broader Middle East

Classical Month of Larnaca 2007

(AP) participation with a string quartet from the UK

Easter Concerts 2004 – 2006

(AP) organiser

Opera Production “Caterina Cornaro” Sept 2004

(AP) project manager

New product World Launch – Lebanon July 1996 – Oct 1997

(Rothmans) PM of the launch with a budget of St£1,5 mln

Rothmans Cyprus Rally 1982 – 1996

(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee of this European rally

Opera Riccardo Primo 1991

(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee

Rodin and His Contemporaries – Cyprus 1989

(Rothmans) project manager of the exhibition of original prototype works